We value the trust of our clients and offer them in return our guidelines so that the outcome always shows the best of the client’s signature style.


We have the necessary experience and expertise to satisfy the taste of our clients, individual needs and personal style to create an environment they will always love to come to, whether the desired style, is old-world, traditional, warm, contemporary or modern.


We welcome and encourage our involvement in the planning and construction phases of building or remodeling any space we provide. Our services include:


      - Providing an initial layout by using our imagination for creating interior spaces and

        furniture arrangement both residentially and commercially.

      - General theme development whether it’s remodeling or a new space.

      - Providing plans for flooring and tile plans, wall plans, window plans, lighting plans,

        ceiling plans, ducting plans, packages of plumbing, finishing and painting plans.

      - Designing all the required elements within the scope of work, such as, kitchen,

        bathroom, custom built cabins specifically for unique spaces, options for furniture

        (dealing with fine furniture makers), using high-end paint finishing and fabric selection,

        decorative accessories and artwork, design concepts, lighting design, choice

        of fixtures, choosing of floor coverings, installing of necessary duct system.

      - Helping in the selection of new items by blending interesting pieces of furniture with

        pattern-on-pattern fabrics and textures using either new or old objects the client

        already owns in order to achieve new look.

      - In depth survey and analysis detailing the project’s designs.

      - Coordinating with consultants and vendors in order to ensure the design execution is


      - Final layout design and plans.

      - 3D perspective drawings of proposed homes and commercial developments if and

        where needed upon request.

      - Assisting the client in understanding the costs and implication of all design decisions


      - Finishes and furnishings.

      - Project coordination and management.

      - Supervision on all civil and decorative works as per the agreed scope of work and bill

        of quantity.



InnerView provides implementation, coordination, sight supervision, scheduling and installation with proven track record of passion for design. Installation is the rewarding phase for any designer when it all comes together fabulously by seeing the positive reaction on the clients’ faces.