Nancy Hannoush

We treat each project as a work of art to bring uniquely designed spaces!


As head designer at InnerView, I enjoy using my passion in design to maximize the use of space and deceive the eye if necessary to create living spaces that reflect the client life style, passion, desire and personal taste.


My work is based on selecting new pieces, incorporating objects, using fabrics that allow me to blend interesting pieces of furniture with pattern-on-pattern fabrics and textures. My aim is to achieve a new look by de-cluttering and re-organizing the space.


The floor plan is my inspiration, by seeing it a wave of ideas begins to flood in a positive manner enabling me to conquer any challenges and build a mutual rewarding relationship by understanding individual needs and implementing them with a unique signature and tasteful touch.




“I truly believe that our clients receive the absolute best design for the very best value. It’s a classic win-win situation that leaves everyone feeling fabulous with the end result.”